5 Crucial Tips to Help You Move Your Business

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5 Crucial Tips to Help You Move Your Business Location to Albuquerque Without Losing Work Productivity

Whether your company has a brick-and-mortar storefront in Albuquerque or whether you operate it remotely and need to upsize your home, moving your business location sometimes runs the risk of losing out on key work productivity hours and overall efficiency. Although it may take some careful planning to stay productive while transferring your company to a new location, real estate pro Franz Redl explains that it can be done.

  1. Let Your Customers Know You’re Moving and Keep Them Informed Along the Way

Perhaps the first step you should take to avoid confusion and lost productivity and revenue is to let your customers know as soon as possible that you’ll be moving. Keeping clients and customers in the loop regarding your moving status can prevent scenarios where customers show up at your old location, only to find that you’re not there or are unable to serve them.

One easy way to keep your customers updated is to post status updates to your social media pages. You can also distribute eye-catching and easy-to-read marketing materials. This can be an important part of your marketing efforts as well. As a specialized area of advertising, content marketing can help you reach your business goals. Research this area to make sure you're effectively putting content marketing into practice by visiting sites like CornerstoneContent.com.

Before you post new updates and photos to social media, make sure to use an online image resizer to adjust your image sizes instantly. After this simple step, it’s easy to upload the pictures to your social media accounts and keep clients in the loop as to where you are in the moving process.

  1. Make a Clear-Cut Moving Timeline and Stagger the Steps to Avoid Confusion

According to Living Well Spending Less, meticulous planning is the key to making your move as simple and confusion-free as possible. You’ll want to plan out every small detail of the move months in advance to avoid wasting potential business hours and productive time on last-minute decisions. Additionally, you may find it helpful to:

  • Stagger out your stages of moving across several weeks
  • Book all movers well ahead of time
  • Distribute a timeline for the move to all employees
  1. Order Additional Inventory, Communicate With Suppliers, and Work With Reputable Movers

In some cases, one of the biggest issues for companies moving to a new location is running into communication or supply issues. CHRON notes that these types of problems can be prevented by communicating your current status to your suppliers frequently and preparing for the move by stocking up on extra inventory if necessary.

It’s also important to make sure that the moving company you hire to move your business and its assets is reputable and reliable. Read through some online reviews before booking a company to find the one that best meets your business’s needs.

  1. Update Any Company Branded Items With Your Address on Them

If your company is like most businesses, there’s a good chance there are several branded items and company pages with your current address on them. To prevent confusion, make sure to update that address as soon as possible. Items in need of an update could include:

  • Branded merchandise
  • The company website
  • Fliers and other marketing materials
  • Your business cards
  1. Purchase Equipment, Tools, and Other Essentials for the New Location Ahead of Time

Lastly, if you’re upgrading to a larger business space, you may need to buy extra tools and equipment for the new location. Make these purchases early to avoid any lost productivity and keep the business rolling smoothly.

When shifting your business to a new location in Albuquerque, it’s important to take the utmost care to stay productive and avoid losing potential revenue. Thankfully, staying efficient may be simpler than it seems. Use these five essential tips as your guide before moving your company.

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