Getting Married in Your Golden Years

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Getting Married in Your Golden Years: Tips for a Happy Life

Getting married at an advanced age involves a lot of planning for various aspects of a new life together. It can be challenging if you don't have family or friends around you to share ideas and lend a helping hand. While you may already have some plans and systems for your life up and running, you might also find it useful to get professional help when navigating and incorporating your new partner’s ideas, schedules, and assets into your life.

Today, R & R Real Estate Partners discuss some aspects of daily life that you can delegate to professionals, like buying a new home, doing chores in and around the home, managing your business and finances, and where to get professional referrals for home maintenance.

Buying a New Home

According to research, proximity to kin is a significant determinant of where elderly couples live. You may consider your children’s opinions on a new home, including the location and budget. Also, consider a house close to the amenities you require daily. Don't forget to factor in any health and mobility advantages or challenges you may have individually and as a couple before settling on a new home.

Chores in and Around the Home

If you're facing home-maintenance chores you find you're unable to do, outsource to home-maintenance professionals. For instance, a lawn aeration company can keep your lawn healthy by loosening up the soil for aeration, dethatching,  planting, and fertilizing. Be sure to read ratings and reviews, and find a registered and insured lawn aeration company so you're not liable for any injuries or equipment damage when they're working on your lawn.

Managing Business and Finances

If you or your new spouse own a business, you may consider merging your existing companies or setting up a business together. Consider offering freelance consultancy services to use your skills and talents at your pace and discretion. A freelance job gives you extra income while helping pass your retirement together, and you'll be able to work on your own schedule.

You can seek professional help to establish an LLC together with your spouse. An LLC limits your liabilities, carries tax advantages, and offers flexibility. Check the rules for forming LLC companies in your state before moving ahead. Then, either reach out to a lawyer or use a formation service to save on hefty legal fees.

As you embark on your new life together, consider digitizing your financial documents so you can organize transactions easily. Digitizing documents allows you faster access to all your financial and business documents on your phone or desktop when needed. Digitizing your paper records also secures your financial privacy by organizing your documents in a PDF file that only you can access. You can easily keep all of your records in a single file, then add pages using an online tool.

Go Back to School

We never stop learning – and that goes double for retirees! In fact, if you decide to start your own business, furthering your education can be a big help on the road to becoming a business leader, and earning your MBA from an online program has the added benefit of giving you flexibility to learn at your own pace and implement your lessons in real time.

Making a Life Together in Your Golden Years 

It’s never too late to get married and start a new life. Whether you’re also thinking about launching a business or going back to school, draw on the experience you have to show you the way. Also, take advantage of these tips to help you navigate this exciting new chapter of your life. 

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